TMJ/TMD Massage

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What Is TMJ/TMD Massage

The temporomandibular joints can be found on either side of the head in front of the ears. These joints allow us to talk, chew and yawn. When one or more of these joints become inflamed or painful, the condition is called temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJD).

TMJD can cause over 30 painful issues involving the jaw, sinuses, eyes, head and neck. If you are experiencing pain or a clicking sound in your jaw, massage therapy can easily treat your symptoms.

How It Works

Through proper assessment of the head, neck and jaw, pain and dysfunction can be resolved or greatly improved with exercises and manual therapy techniques. Manual treatment for TMJD can involve extra-oral (outside the mouth) and intra-oral (inside the mouth) massage. For intra-oral, treatment gloves will be worn.

Other treatment modalities include soft tissue massage, joint mobilizations and myofascial techniques and therapeutic exercises.

Mobile TMJ massage in the comfort of your home with our Mobile RMT will get you the relief you deserve.

Benefits of TMJ Massage

Muscle tension & pain relief: experience same day pain relief and reduced muscle hypertonicity
Improved function: joint alignment and tracking for improved mouth opening and closing
Enhanced Posture: The practice leads to improved alignment and posture, reducing strain and imbalance in the head, neck and jaw.

Do you have TMJ Disorder?

Do you grind or clench your teeth? Does stress make you clench your jaw? Does your pain get worse when you clench your teeth?
Do you wake up with sore or stiff muscles around your jaw? Do you have frequent headaches or neck pain?
Have you ever injured your head, neck or jaw? Do you have pain in your temples or ear aches?
Does your jaw click? Pop? Grate? Catch? Lock when you open your mouth? Do you have difficulty opening and closing your mouth?
Do you have teeth that no longer touch when you bite? Do your teeth meet differently from time to time? Is it difficult for your front teeth to bite or tear food?
Does your face or mouth feel swollen or thicker?
Does your jaw deviate when opening or closing your mouth? Do you see a C curve or a S curve?
The information provided here is just an overview. Each case will be different depending on the person. We’ll be happy to provide more detailed information as it pertains to you when you call us at 778-744-8401

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